About Commotion Studios Production Team

Our experience

Our experience in event production, video production, audio visual, graphic design and multimedia gives us a distinct advantage both in the field and on a project by project basis. Our skill set is unmatched in Tucson and in Southern Arizona. We also have an incredible team of freelance technicians that allow us to take on even the largest scale productions. This year the Commotions Studios team will work with over 60 clients, on over 150 projects and events.

Customer Service and Community Support

At Commotion Studios, we consider customer service—in concert with quality work and community support—necessary to distinguishing ourselves in the industry, advancing our talents, and making a lasting impact in the local market. Our commitment springs from our deep connection with Tucson, a community with which our company has always had a strong relationship. Our president was born and raised in Tucson, and all of our majority owners are graduates of The University of Arizona. As we all have extended family in Tucson, we look forward to raising our children here as well.

In light of our strong personal connection to the area, we have a longstanding tradition of community service. Whether it’s helping a non-profit raise just a few extra dollars on a pro-bono basis, or offering discounted services to offset production costs, being involved in our community helps us feel positive about our work. While we are a very small operation we take great pride in the fact that we have the ability to give back in large ways. With only three full-time employees, and an ever-dwindling economy, it can become difficult for us to manage our goodwill throughout the year. But, as is with anything, we feel that the rewards simply outweigh the high demands. Our efforts have earned us two nominations for The Copper Cactus Awards in the past four years. 

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